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It doesn't matter if you are young or old; making the most of your money now not only helps you plan for your own future but also for the lives of your loved ones. Of course, knowing how to best manage your money can be confusing and even scary because the decisions you make, or refuse to make, now can greatly affect what happens in the years ahead. At Wealth & Tax Management Services in Milton Keynes we make things simpler for you by offering advanced wealth protection services and advice in language you can understand. Give us a call to arrange a no-cost meeting and see how we can help you ensure your wealth stays with your family rather than the tax man or an ex-son or daughter in law!


Proper wealth management lets you plan for the future and enjoy the present with added peace of mind. Our services help take care of all those daunting money matters that can go unaddressed until it's too late. Ask us about help with wills, trusts, lasting power of attorney, advanced directives, inheritance tax saving solutions, prepaid probate, prepaid funeral plans and even the safe, secure storage of legal documents. 

Estate planners

Our estate planners, Tony Byrne and Carl Roberts, draw on decades of experience so that you receive the latest up to the minute services and plans combined with the breadth of knowledge and skill you need to make sound decisions.
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About us

We are still going strong over 30 years later and we strongly believe it is because we take the pain and confusion out of wealth protection. Designed for everyone, of all ages, our approachable services can offer you protection for your whole life. We work with you over the course of your life to make the most of your income and then, if needed, with your family after you're gone. Everything is taken care of. We believe in value-based pricing so all our fees are proportion of the savings we can secure for you and your family. All of our fees are fixed, there are no hourly rates and there is no cost for your first meeting
. What is more, our plans are fully flexible, meaning you are not tied in and can move without any added costs. That's the difference with Wealth & Tax Management Services.
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